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About HAH2

Established in 2016, H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services is a specialist cyber security and data protection company that focuses on providing innovative and robust security solutions to the UK mid-market sector.

Its founders, Kevin Hawkins and Bob Hay, are amongst the best qualified and most experienced cyber security experts in the industry, having worked as cyber security leaders for a number of Fortune 500 companies, national governments, and leading technology companies including Symantec, HP and BAE Systems. Their experience in the security sector goes back to the late 1980s and includes designing the first security operations centre for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), as well as leading security projects for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Passport Office.

After managing cyber security for Hewlett-Packard (HP) in the Middle East, Kevin and Bob established H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services to provide the same quality of cyber and data protection to mid-market businesses in the UK.

They understood that despite the mid-market sector accounting for more than 90% of UK GDP, it often received poor security guidance and support from large IT providers and consultancies. What’s more, they knew that staff and robust system configurations were commonly overlooked when it came to cyber security and data protection.

Since then, H2 has advised and provided industry leading data protection and security services to a range of businesses across the country, both on-site and remotely.

Its range of affordable and flexible security solutions has meant even the smallest of businesses can protect itself from the growing number of cyber threats, and fully comply with the latest data protection regulations.

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Kevin Hawkins : Managing Director

Kevin started in Information Security at the MOD at a time when IT and databases were in their infancy. He was therefore in on the ground floor and got a start in what was then IT Security as early as the late 1980s.

He has since worked for HP/HPE, CSC and Symantec. He has been involved in and led many major cyber security projects in the public and private sectors, focusing on major Government departments and Fortune 500 companies.

He designed and commissioned the first Security Operations Centre for the FCO, carried out several projects for the MOD, led the security team designing the security system for the Passport Office, as well as lead security projects for Barclays and Lloyds amongst others.

In 2013 HP asked him to go to the Middle East to set up a Cyber Security team covering the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. With a standing start of just three people, he grew the team to 24 before the merger between HPE and CSC.

On returning to the UK, he set up H2 alongside Bob Hay who returned from the Middle East at the same time.

Bob Hay : Non-Executive Director

Bob has a very similar background to Kevin, having started his security life at the MOD whilst serving with the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces. On discharge he worked for Racal, Thales, BAE Systems, and CSC before joining Kevin in HP in Dubai.

During his time in cyber security, Bob has worked on many major projects, both as a business development lead and as a consultant. He worked with Kevin on the Passport Office project, and in fact was instrumental in bringing Kevin’s team onto the project.

Bob has considerable experience in delivering cyber security projects and now specialises in data protection.

Steve Hawkins : Data Protection Managed Services

Steve came late to data protection having worked for many years in manufacturing industries. However, it has been a quick study for him and he is now an expert in the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

He has been deeply involved in the design and delivery of H2’s data protection services, and builds great relationships with clients, getting to the heart of their issues, problem solving, and crisis management.

If a client has a data protection problem, Steve is always keen to take it on and get it resolved as quickly as possible.