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Handle Your Policies and Processes on an Easy to Use Smart Phone App

H2 understands that some businesses want an easy way to manage their policies and processes, and to ensure their staff have easy access to them, when they need it.

So H2 has partnered with Robin Road to provide an app which runs on a smart phone and contains all your policies and processes, or at least those you want to display, to give easy access to your staff and ensure that these are understood and easy to follow.

We have all spent time and money developing policies and processes that we can’t be sure anyone ever reads, or perhaps only read on induction and then forget about?  Are your policies and processes easy to find when a staff member might be in a hurry?  If you are unsure about these things, then this might be for you.

Data Protection and Cyber Security policies can be quite extensive and very onerous to maintain, with many of you having other more pressing issues, and as most mid market enterprises don’t have anyone dedicated to this, but rather tack it on to someone else’s duties.  We often find that that person is a HR or Admin manager, sometimes a finance manager, all of whom have other priorities.  As well as having your staff read your policies at induction, they need to be able to access them quickly when they need to know how to handle situations that arise day to day.  For example, in terms of cyber security, if they suspect there is an issue, perhaps a scam in action or some other unusual activity, who do they contact?  What do they do about it?  This should be documented in a policy or process and the easier that is to access, the more chance an employee will look it up before it’s too late.

So, to provide an easy look up for these issues H2 has entered into an agreement to provide an application which runs on smart phones, both IOS and Android, and which can list all your policies and provide the app right across your user base, at an extremely affordable cost.

Clients are finding that their users, particularly the younger ones who have grown up with smart phones and know their capabilities backwards, take to this extremely well and quickly, and are far more likely to use it for reference when working, as it is so easy to use.

Although it is designed for cyber security and data protection policies, it can just as easily have other policies uploaded onto it, such as Health and Safety and if you have one, a HR handbook, or any other policy required to run your business.


The cost is £75+ VAT per month, so very affordable.  For that price we will upload all your cyber security and data protection policies and will upload any amendments you may need, and set up your users, relieving you of the burden of administration of the app.  If you want other policies uploaded, we will do that for a fixed one-off price, depending on the size of the policy.  Typically, between £30 and £80.  As, an added bonus we have included our blog, which provides articles and advice on cyber security, for free.

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