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Cyber Security Training & Staff Awareness

Protect from within

How well protected are you? Every business has IT users or IT systems, or both. H2 are leaders in the field of IT security awareness and we understand what it takes to protect your IT infrastructure.

Keeping employees up-to-date with cyber security training is crucial to the protection of your business. Having sound knowledge of IT security measures is simply not enough. Today we have to ensure that we stay up to date with current cyber threats. We write the processes and train your staff to implement them.

How can data breaches be avoided?

Your staff act as a first line of defence, meaning that regardless of what IT security measures you have in place, your staff will need to be trained to recognise threats and react appropriately to them. Our training has been used by many companies to help tighten their security and increase their employee knowledge.

Employee security training and awareness will help identify:

  • IT Best Practice:
We can assess the best way to achieve this and how to do so cost-effectively.  This will include training on new and updated company information security and data protection controls, processes and procedures.

  • Password Control
We can help you assess the best way of controlling resets, as well as disable/enable accounts. Phishing attacks also happen because 70% of internet users choose the same passwords across all devices/platforms.

  • Malware Prevention
We want your team to be prepared for attacks to IT Systems from malware, spyware, and ransomware, which have replaced traditional pc "virus" attacks that were far less sophisticated.

  • Mobile & Home Working / BYOD (Bring your own device).
Whether you or your employees work from home or use their own device in the workplace, we can help you assess how secure you actually are.

  • Removable Media Control
We understand that computer storage might be essential to your business, so it needs protecting from loss of sensitive data – and even reputational damage.

  • Phishing and other social engineering techniques of attack:
We can advise on how to spot rogue emails, and malicious attachments and other social engineering techniques, which are becoming harder to spot.

 Creating a Cyber Aware Culture

Regardless of whether you have an IT team within your company, everyone needs to be cyber aware. This means having a training scheme in place that becomes part of your companies, brand and ethos. We want to make security awareness prevalent, so that each individual can feel confident in acting on something suspicious. At H2 we see that the only way to succeed is by devising a rewarding and engaging training scheme that employees will remember to use in every day scenarios.

Our aim is to help you reduce human error within your business, being secure without limits.

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Cyber Employee Training

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