Cyber Maturity Assessment

Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA)

For many businesses, having a Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) is the best place to start when thinking about protecting themselves effectively from the growing number of online threats and risks.

Conducted by H2 experts as a fixed cost project, its outcome is a report which shows you exactly where your business is in terms of cyber risks and information security in a way that is demonstrable and easy to understand.

The benefits of a Cyber Maturity Assessment include:

  • It is a comprehensive on-site or remote review of all your hardware and software to identity potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities.
  • It includes mapping all your systems so you can clearly see their connections and interrelationships.
  • The investigation process includes interviews with your staff and an examination of your current cyber policies and procedures.
  • It also covers assessing your current security architecture and technical controls in relation to preventing cyber risks.
  • The report includes an industry recognised risk score so you know how you compare to others and know how you are currently performing in terms of cyber protection maturity.
  • The report’s findings are detailed in a comprehensive easy to understand way.
  • The report also explains how individual services can be used together to create a comprehensive risk management strategy for your business.
  • Any recommendations made in the report can be phased in over time at a pace and budget to suit you.

A Cyber Maturity Assessment is the ideal way for businesses to fully understand their current cyber security position and what needs to be done to protect themselves effectively going forward.

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