Cyber Security and Data Protection Managed Services

Cyber Security and Data Protection Managed Services

H2 recognises that many businesses do not need full time employees carrying out Cyber Security and Data Protection support, but they do need expert and experienced help from time to time.  

We have therefore devised a number of services packages to provide that expertise as and when required, helping your company to achieve and remain compliant to Data Protection and related regulations. We can assess your security and data protection needs and match you with the right consultant.

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At H2 we recognise that there is a vast difference in every organisations ability to afford the tools needed, and/or hire the internal expertise.  Our packages therefore provide:

  • A virtual Cyber Security Manager,
  • A virtual Data Protection Officer overseeing Compliance with current and new regulations, such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
These services can be provided at an affordable price per month, in a flexible, affordable way that will help guide you to the highest standard, going beyond expectations. Our H2 advisors will become personal to you, providing you with a view of what is industry best practice and guiding you towards achieving it. With this in mind we are happy to also work with existing IT providers or advise on trustworthy IT providers for you.

It doesn’t matter how small your needs are, we’re ready to listen. We have the time and patience to get you secure.

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