IT Security Advisor

IT Security Advisor

Helping your company to identify any potential security gaps and maintain security is what we do best. We can assess your security needs and match you with the right consultant.

 Trust H2 – trusted advisors to reduce your risk

 At H2 we recognise that there is a vast difference in every organisations ability to afford the tools needed, and/or hire the internal expertise to oversee:

 Security audits

  • Cyber Security,
  • Compliance with current and new regulations, such as
  • GDPR,
  • PCI DSS; and
  • Industry related regulations.
Therefore, what you need is a flexible, affordable service that will help guide you to the highest standard, going beyond expectations. Our H2 partners will become personal advisors, providing you with a view of what is industry best practice and guiding you towards achieving it. With this in mind we are happy to also work with existing IT providers or advise on trustworthy IT providers for you.

Installing anti-virus software simply isn’t enough – don’t leave your security until it’s too late.

It doesn’t matter how small your needs are, we’re ready to listen. We have the time and patience to get you secure.

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IT Security Advisor

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