Managed Cyber Security Officer

Managed Cyber Security Officer

A Managed Cyber Security Officer manages everything to do with your online security, from assessing your threats and vulnerabilities, to working with your IT partner or staff to ensure you are protected.

As with the Managed Data Protection Officer, they are a live named expert who works for you for an agreed number of hours per month.

And while having a dedicated Cyber Security Officer isn’t a legal requirement, more and more firms are now realising that they need a dedicated resource to manage the growing number of online threats and risks that face their business, and to take responsibility for ensuring they are doing all they can to be protected.


The benefits of having a Managed Cyber Security Officer include:

  • No need to employ someone new or allocate an existing member of staff to cyber security.
  • The Managed Cyber Security Officer is a named person who is always available to you during the working week.
  • They will respond to your cyber security queries and questions within two hours.
  • They will work and liaise with your IT partner or internal IT resource to minimise the risk of cyber threats.
  • They will assess your cyber threat vulnerability and undertake a monthly scan of your systems to identify any areas of concern.
  • They will conduct system penetration tests to ensure your systems are robust and safe.
  • They will manage and investigate any cyber risks you fall victim to.
  • They will provide you with regular advice and guidance on cyber security.
  • They are available for a low fixed cost every month.

The cost of having a Managed Cyber Security Officer

The cost of having a Managed Cyber Security Officer is priced on a subscription basis, which is suitable for many smaller businesses, and can betaioored to your specific needs. Companies wanting a greater time commitment from their Managed Cyber Security Officer can choose a larger custom package of hours, or simply pay a flat rate for every hour worked above their agreed level. There is an additional cost for monthly scanning.

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