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Risk Assessments

Your biggest business asset is your information. It is this that cyber attackers are after, be this financial information, confidential information, or business sensitive information.

Unfortunately many businesses don’t understand the true value of their information, leading to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cyber security which typically means some information is over protected whilst other data is under protected, both of which have a monetary and threat impact.

H2 has developed an industry leading Triple A (Affordable, Appropriate, and Accreditable) risk assessment process to remedy this, and ensure your information is effectively protected at the right cost. Called the Information Risk Assessment and Management (IRAM) process.


Phase 1 : Initial Assessment

H2 conducts an assessment reviewing your existing information security, data protection protocols, technical security controls, and processes and procedures to determine their effectiveness and appropriateness.

Phase 2 : Implementation of Recommendations

Working to your timescale and budget, H2 implements the recommended changes identified in the initial assessment. This could include introducing simple changes to your processes, all the way through to implementing technical solutions that provide effective protection from threats.

Phase 3: Education, Ongoing Security Management, Review and Maintenance

People within a business come and go, and cyber threats and risks are continually evolving. Due to this, H2 works with you to develop an appropriate package of staff training and security system maintenance activities that keep you protected in the long term. Available on a retainer (as needed) or monthly subscription basis, this phase ensures your business is fully IRAM compliant.

The IRAM service can be tailored to your specific business needs, providing robust Triple A (Affordable, Appropriate, and Accreditable) ongoing protection of your valuable business information.

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