Security Strategy & Architecture Service

Security Strategy and Architecture

Businesses serious about protecting their data and information, and reducing their risks to cyber attacks and the growing number of online threats, understand that for maximum protection, security has to be built into their systems from the ground up.

As leaders in the field of cyber security and protection, H2 works with these companies to develop robust and dynamic security strategies and systems architectures which provide effective protection at every level.

This involves the following:

  • Comprehensive mapping of systems (hardware and software) used by the business to understand their connections and interrelationships.
  • Detailed impact analysis of cyber threats and risks to the system and the business.
  • Understanding the key business drivers, and the role and function of applications, technical components, and other elements of the existing system.
  • Thorough risk assessment of each individual part of the system, identifying vulnerabilities and conflicts.
  • Identifying where there is unnecessary duplication in the current system structure.
  • Developing a risk treatment plan, including development of countermeasures.
  • Working with system suppliers to deliver the optimum and most cost effective systems protection.
  • Developing a security framework aligned to the risk assessment which ensures there is consistency in the system architecture.
  • Providing a conceptual view of the new system architecture and identifying the Security Enforcing Functions (SEF’s).
  • Aligning security activities and the new security strategy with ISO27001.

H2’s security strategy and architecture activities are focused on providing ‘defence in depth’ and ensuring the most Appropriate, Affordable, and Accreditable security controls are implemented. This industry leading Triple A approach ensures businesses most at risk are the very best protected.

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