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There is an abundance of technologies on the market that you will be assured are what you need to solve your problems.  Are they really necessary, in the right place and effective.  H2 will identify your threats, vulnerabilities and risks to enable you to target your spend where it will be most effective.


In order to achieve an Affordable solution, H2, having identified the threats, vulnerabilities and risks, will marry technical controls to process and procedures which define how sensitive transactions and information is handled.  This ensures that H2 only identifies solutions which are Appropriate to solve the problem.


Increasingly businesses are being asked to demonstrate their commitment to Cyber Security and Risk Management by achieving a recognised security standard.  There are several international standards that H2 can consult on, however, perhaps the most appropriate to an SME is Cyber Essentials.  H2 itself is certified to Cyber Essentials and can help achieve certification for its clients with an Appropriate and Affordable solution.

H2 Triple 'A' Service

Most Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) are not totally reliant on a combination of desk-top computers and mobile computing and smartphones to manage their day-to-day business. They are the devices we use to gather, process and store the information we need to successfully execute our businesses. Let us then, for the sake of argument, call these our information systems.

Bearing in mind a successful business understands that everything revolves around managing cash-flow, creditors and debtors to deliver their goods and services.  Now add into that mix there are the various regulations, which hang Swords of Damocles over the business – in particular the new Data Protection Regulations, commonly referred to as GDPR. 

GDPR has increased the need, for ALL organisations regardless of size, to ensure the safety and security of the personal information it gathers, processes and stores by default and design.  Safety and security as we know is all about managing risk and in this instance managing information risk. Once identified, risks are managed by implementing controls that prevent unauthorised access to and misuse of information. 

Some of these controls will be non-technical, others technical. Non-technical controls, in the main, refer to processes and procedures. Technical controls will require the implementation of hardware or software devices.


Regardless of which type, implementing a control costs time and money.  It is therefore important that whatever controls we implement are cost effective but more importantly, they need to be appropriate for two reasons; firstly they need to do the job of protecting the information effectively but secondly, they must do the job in the least intrusive way possible so as not to adversely impact the business in a way that costs more to achieve the same. So, controls must be affordable and appropriate.

In order to demonstrate competence to the regulators, information must also be “Accreditable”. This means that you are able to demonstrate, via independent audit and assessment, that the controls actually do the job of protecting information. There are a number of international standards, such as the ISO 27000 family of standards, which are designed to standardise the approach to information security in a way that allows an organisation to be recognised as one which takes the protection of its, and its clients, information seriously.

However, for an SME, these might seem over the top and unaffordable. Therefore, SMEs need something more appropriate to their needs. To that end the National Cyber Security Centre has devised the Cyber Essentials scheme which is aimed at SMEs and provides that appropriate level of assurance, at an affordable cost. H2 can advise on Cyber Essentials and introduce a certification body, at the right price.

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