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Data Breaches

Barely a week goes by without a data breach being reported somewhere in the UK. Of course many are quite small, but all are significant and in breach of the law. In 2020 Boots were forced to suspend their loyalty card payments in March following an attempted cyber attack. Virgin media had an alleged massive data breach at roughly the same time and Tesco was forced to issue 600,000 new Clubcards following a breach. Even the FCA has admitted publishing ‘certain underlying confidential information’ on its website. Hundreds of thousands of CVs were exposed by 2 on line recruitment firms that made their AWS cloud storage buckets public, not on purpose of course. These are just a representative example from 2020 and garner headlines because of the size of the breach. But many smaller breaches are happening all the time. Many companies simply don’t fully appreciate their responsibilities under the DPA 2018 and GDPR and pay lip service. Many companies struggle with affording and skilling up the relevant resources to cover their responsibilities. If you wasn’t to discuss how we can help in an affordable way, please message me.