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Data Protection and Estate Agents

A bit more about Estate Agents and data breaches (of course this is relevant to many other sectors). Estate Agents will hold a lot of personal data, pertaining to the purchase and/or sale of property. This will require details of payments, confidential client IDs, bank account details and the like. Nothing surprising there. I’m sure many hold this data securely and maybe even encrypt it. But they also upload such data to 3rd party sites to market properties, sometime more than one and that’s when human error can creep in. Internal mistakes are the biggest single cause of data breaches, and whilst malicious activity from cyber criminals is a reality, it falls somewhat behind. I’ll never get tired of pushing security awareness training, of having solid processes and policies which are rolled out and that staff are fully aware of. That will sort out much of the potential for data breaches. There are of course other issues but the basic principle of understanding the risks you face and targeting your spend and resources on those specific risks, hasn’t changed since the proliferation of IT started 30 years ago.