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H2 Moves Forward

As H2 IRM moves into it's 3rd year of doing business, it has become increasingly obvious that many SMEs are still nervous of devoting any resource or budget to Cyber Security in any meaningful way. An attitude of 'we'll cross that bridge when we come to it', in regards to both Cyber Security and Data Protection, two obviously interwoven subjects, prevails. Of course, when that bridge needs to be crossed, it's generally too late. 


As we have matured as a business we have found ourselves supporting medium sized businesses and latterly, even the much larger concerns that initially we didn't have on our radar. I've found this very disappointing personally as our intentions were, at least we thought, noble in trying to help those who needed it most. Of course we haven't entirely left the SME market behind and will be delighted to help those who come forward. 


But needs must to keep the business afloat. We have one project on the go which might well take us into the reseller market, another area we said we wouldn't look at. Apparently there seems to be some sort of virus going around that's slowing a couple of projects down. It's in all the papers. So stay safe everyone and let's hope we can kick things off again soon.