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Phishing on LinkedIn

An interesting article on BBC News about Hostile Intelligence Agencies using LinkedIn to gather intelligence data on the business community.  The article says that as many as 10,000 UK nationals have been approached by fake profiles linked to hostile states over the past 5 years.  They cite their source as the Security Service (MI5).  Nothing new in regard to the concept of course, we in the Cyber security industry have been counselling people for years to be more guarded about the amount of personal data shared on social media platforms, but now it is us who might have been not quite as careful as we have been advising others to be.  LinkedIn is a rich source of personal data acquisition. Not illegal of course because it is the individuals themselves who are sharing the data willingly, as they do on all other social media sites, but the amount of information, in regard to your experience, work history etc, is quite extensive.  How useful it is might be arguable but clearly the hostile states involved think it’s well worth gathering.  So time for us professionals to be warned and to be more guarded.