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Press Release - Cyber security experts warn of risks of relying on technology

Security experts H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services has today warned that relying on technology to stop the growing number of online threats is a strategy doomed to fail.


According to recent research released by Barclaycard, 48% of SMEs fell victim to at least one cyber attack last year and 10% were targeted multiple times.  This is despite the fact that many of these businesses trusted their systems to local IT firms and specialist software.


This software, such as anti-malware and firewall technologies, whilst offering basic protection, is unable to effectively assess the risk and consequences of cyber attacks, or implement practices that reduce threats. And whilst many IT companies claim to provide complete protection from cyber threats, a large number are Value Added Resellers (‘VARs’) who focus predominately on hardware and software installations and support, rather than having the required specialist knowledge and skills to provide robust protection for their clients.


Commenting on the warning, Kevin Hawkins, Managing Director of H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services, said: “Unfortunately many businesses have been told and believe that technology is all they need to protect themselves from cyber threats.


“But that is a naïve view promoted by some within the IT industry who don’t have the depth of knowledge and skills to understand that effective protection requires far more than just technology. People and processes also need to be fully understood and factored in to provide truly effective protection against the growing number of online threats we see today.”


This is a view supported by Bruce Schneier, an eminent American scientist and information security thought leader, who said: “If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.”


Companies of all sizes are being urged to look beyond just technology in order to effectively protect themselves and their businesses from cyber risks.


Fortunately some IT firms are starting to recognise the value and importance of having specialist knowledge and skills to call upon, and are partnering with companies such as H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services. This allows them to offer 360 degree protection to their clients, without the high cost of employing highly in-demand cyber security personnel.


Other IT firms, and particularly Value Added Resellers, are now being called upon to do the same so that their clients are effectively protected.