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Virtual Cyber Security Manager

At H2 we pride ourselves on providing a level of service that most SMEs either don’t need full time, and/or can’t really afford but nevertheless could certainly use it.  One such service is the Virtual Cyber Security Information Officer (CISO) or Virtual Cyber Security Manager.  For instance, how does Cyber security effect your legal requirements and ensure that the organisation is in compliance with DPA (GDPR) or PCI?  A CISO writes (and adjusts) policies based on new rules or compliances.  A CISO of any organisation is regularly involved in running vulnerability scans, penetration tests, we application security assessments and security architecture, among other technical operations.  In this role they are checking to ensure the software and hardware configurations in their organisations and their vendors organisations are compliant with company and regulatory standards.  A CISO also functions as a link between various departments at the company and all of its third parties as far as cyber security is concerned.


Of course you may not need all of this and a more tailored service can be provided based on an entry level of a mere 5 hours per month, at an affordable rate.