GDPR Governance Software

GDPR Governance Software

H2 understands that some businesses want an easy way to manage their GDPR and data protection compliance activities themselves with minimal cost and fuss.

So H2 has partnered with JS Information Governance to provide a cloud based Data Protection Compliance Tool Kit which enables businesses and business owners to easily manage all their GDPR compliance requirements in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.

The Tool Kit is easy to use and flexible, and can be used for all compliance requirements including Health and Safety and other areas where documentation needs to be securely stored and monitored, easily accessed, and updated to keep up with the latest regulations or business changes.

H2 has devised a one-off set-up and training package to enable you to quickly and expertly manage the Tool Kit, or you have the option of having H2 manage it for you, all for an affordable monthly cost.

GDPR Governor System Overview v1.1 - View Pdf

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