Data Protection Compliance Tool Kit

GDPR Governance

H2 has partnered with JS Information Governance to provide a cloud based Data Protection Compliance Tool which will manage all your compliance requirements in regard to GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

It is an extremely flexible system which is also capable of managing all such compliance requirements even for subjects unrelated to data protection, such as Health and Safety.  In fact any standard that requires policies and procedures being monitored and kept up to date, could potentially be included.

H2 has devised a packaged service to provide the necessary expertise to get going, and to provide on-going management of the system, helping your company to achieve compliance and remain compliant to Data Protection and related regulations.

This service is very affordable and can be provided for at an affordable price for the GDPR Governance software and a price per month to operate the system on your behalf which is affordable and based on a negotiated service level.  H2 will set up the software and provide a service in a flexible way that will help guide you to the highest standard, going beyond expectations.

It doesn’t matter how small your needs are, we’re ready to listen. We have the time and patience to get you secure.


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