Welcome to H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services

Q.  What is the most important business asset you have?

A.  Your information

H2 design Operational Security Systems and Architectures for both the public and private sectors, across many industry sectors and locations, with the purpose of protection. We use our experience with large sector global companies to give our customers – regardless of size or budget – that same expertise.

Risk Management involves identifying, analysing and understanding the right measures to prevent potential threats to your business, making sure your organisation achieves optimal security.

Our brand is built on trust. Working closely with our clients gives us a chance to build a strong rapport with them, providing a tailored service that suits each individual need – because one size does not fit all.  H2 offer mix of design, policy and technical solutions to help protect the most important asset you have – your information.

Our services and the products we offer are:


There is an abundance of technologies on the market that you will be assured are what you need to solve your problems.  Are they really necessary, in the right place and effective.  H2 will identify your threats, vulnerabilities and risks to enable you to target your spend where it will be most effective.


In order to achieve an Affordable solution, H2, having identified the threats, vulnerabilities and risks, will marry technical controls to process and procedures which define how sensitive transactions and information is handled.  This ensures that H2 only identifies solutions which are Appropriate to solve the problem.


Increasingly businesses are being asked to demonstrate their commitment to Cyber Security and Risk Management by achieving a recognised security standard.  There are several international standards that H2 can consult on, from ISO27001 to Cyber Essentials.