Welcome to H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services

Are your GDPR and cyber risk policies and procedures right for staff working at home?

Is your company fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018?

Has your business become vulnerable to cyber threats and risks after lockdown?

H2 provides affordable and flexible one-off and ongoing data protection and cyber risk protection services which start from as little as £200 per month.

Whether you are a recruitment company, an estate agents, a transport company, or any other type of business that collects or processes personal data, you are required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. And regardless of whether you’re working from home or not, your business is vulnerable to cyber threats.

Non-compliance, or breaching the rules of the 2018 Act, can lead to significant fines that have been as high as six figures for SMEs. And cyber risks are more than just IT issues; they can bring down your entire business overnight and cost you millions to remedy.

H2 Cyber Risk Advisory Services are the experts in data protection, cyber security, and GDPR. We provide a range of cost effective cyber risk and data protection services for businesses of all sizes to help them be protected and secure.


Our services include:

  • Cyber Maturity Assessments (CMA)
Think your business is effectively protected from cyber threats? Our Cyber Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive review of all your IT systems and processes to identify the vulnerabilities and risks you’re exposed to. Read more here. (Hyperlink ‘Read more here’ to Cyber Maturity Assessment page)


  • Managed Data Protection Officer
Our Managed Data Protection Officer service fulfils the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and gives you access to a live expert who manages your data protection and GDPR activities for you for as little as £200 per month. Read more here. (Hyperlink ‘Read more here’ to Cyber Security and Data Protection Managed Services page)


  • Managed Cyber Security Officer
A Managed Cyber Security Officer manages everything to do with your online security, from assessing your threats and vulnerabilities, to working with your IT partner or staff to ensure you are protected. Also available from as little as £200 per month. Read more here. 


  • Employee Cyber Security training
Training your staff on how to avoid data breaches, prevent cyber attacks, and use technology wisely is the single easiest thing most companies can do to protect their business from cyber threats. Read more here. 


  • Risk Assessment service
How secure is your company information and data? Our Triple A (Affordable, Appropriate, and Accreditable) risk assessment process provides deep insight and intelligent recommendations to ensure your information is effectively protected at the right cost. Read more here.  

  • Security Strategy and Architecture service
Do you have a robust and dynamic cyber security strategy, and are your IT systems designed and configured to provide the maximum protection? We examine every element of your set-up and systems to ensure you have the maximum protection from the ground up. Read more here.  

In addition, we offer GDPR Governance software and Security Operations Automation services through trusted specialist partners. Read more on our Partners page.