Welcome to H2 Information Risk Management

Q.  What is the most important business asset you have?

A.  Your information

H2 design Operational Security Systems and Architectures for both the public and private sectors, across many industry sectors and locations, with the purpose of protection. We use our experience with large sector global companies to give our customers – regardless of size or budget – that same expertise.

Risk Management involves identifying, analysing and understanding the right measures to prevent potential threats to your business, making sure your organisation achieves optimal security.

Our brand is built on trust. Working closely with our clients gives us a chance to build a strong rapport with our them, providing a tailored service that suits each individual need – because one size does not fit all.

 What services do we offer?

H2 offer policies and processes designed to help protect the most important asset you have – your information. Effective and robust cyber security requires an information security management system (ISMS) built on:




Having technology in place, but no processes is just as much of a threat as having processes, but no trained people in place. We write the processes and train your staff to execute them in order to secure your assets.

We offer our clients a Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA), our CMA helps to deliver an effective and independent analysis of your needs, targeting the areas that need protecting. We do this in a way that allows you to maintain the security needed to keep vital assets safe.

Ensuring that whatever your size, sector or budget, we have the right service for you.Contact us today to get started >