Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training, or rather the lack of, is a favourite hobby horse of ours, particularly as it affects non technical staff where it is vitally important for both managers and employees. If you don’t know what threats exist, them how can you look out for the signs, and how can you effectively target your security spend. Likewise, staff have to know what to look out for, how attacks are formulated and how they are carried out. A good motivator for staff is that, to put it bluntly, their jobs are on the line if the business is hit badly and loses money. Most SMEs are running businesses where cash flow is king and they simply can’t afford the kind of hits that many are experiencing.

A major misconception is that cyber security is an IT issue. Wrong, it’s a business issue. This misconception is generally arrived at because it is seen as having complex technical solutions that only the ‘techies’ fully understand. However, this is not the case. Cyber security needs to be in the culture of the company, a culture that protects the business from harm. Each person must have at least a basic understanding of the issues they face and how their attitude can affect the cybers security posture of the entire organisation.

It cannot be stressed enough that whilst your staff are your greatest asset, they can also be the biggest threat in regard to cyber security. The majority of data leaks are caused not be personnel doing anything deliberately wrong, but by doing things they didn’t know they shouldn’t.

H2 can deliver awareness training face to face, online via MS Teams or Zoo, or, as is becoming more popular, we have devised an e-learning package which can cover cyber security awareness and an introduction to data protection, aimed at the IT user, not the technical staff.  This is reasonably priced at £42 per person, incl of VAT, or discounts can be negotiated for bulk purchases.

H2 delivers Cyber Awareness training aimed at non technical staff. This training is designed to be delivered on the web, face to face, or online via Zoom or Teams. It is competitively priced starting at £35 per person and discounts can be applied to blocks bookings.

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